Elected Offices

Our founding fathers wisely determined the impracticality of a system where we sit down as a community and each of us “votes” on what is the best course of action to be taken in the administration of daily decisions needed to operate a local governmental enterprise. Consider the impracticality of the vote taken from each resident of our community to decide to pay the city-wide electric bill. Practically speaking, when everyone must decide on such a basic consideration, nothing gets done and the bill is never paid. Instead, our founders opted for a system which provides a structure that is based upon representative democracy. Representative democracy is very simple. We elect the people who will represent us, and they become our voice at the table. Those elected are charged with the responsibility to ensure that our rights and privileges and duties as provided within our United States Constitution are enforced and applied to all things as we pursue the common good. The tradition of selecting our elected officials to represent our interests is applied to every level of government from the Federal to the state to the subunits of the state including cities, towns, villages, school districts, special districts, and County boards.


The mission and goal of Common Sense Rock County is to provide basic education to the community about the role and responsibility of elected officials and how they serve each one of us in our daily lives. Our course work focuses on local levels of government including County boards, cities, villages, towns, school boards, special districts, and other jurisdictions that have the responsibility of enforcing the provisions of the United States constitution. It is our belief that through education we will better understand the powers and most importantly the limits of those powers that elected officials exercise daily. As such we hope to bring forth a new group of candidates for this most important job of serving the electorate, who will have a keen understanding of their role and responsibility in serving the common good


We will also explore other roles in the community that are not necessarily elected officials but are appointed officials who serve in a governance capacity such as City Managers, Administrators, County Administrators, School Superintendents and others leading our governmental organizations. We’ll also explore a wide variety of not-for-profit organizations that work to improve the quality of life for all in our community.