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We’re here to help community minded people learn about what’s involved in running for public office and how to be an effective community leader.

Upon receipt of your expression of interest, we will reach out to you, find a time convenient to you, and sit down to learn more about your dreams, goals, aspirations, and what you wish to accomplish in community service.

If you are sincere about your drive and commitment to service, we will invite you to participate with us in a series of orientation sessions where you will learn about the various opportunities available from experts in their fields, past and current elected officials as well as senior leadership from area cities, towns, the county and not for profit agencies.

When you complete the series of orientation discussions you will be in a much better position to chose your path to community service.

We will expand your understanding and be able to council you on how you can choose to successfully apply your talents and skills in community service in your hometown and for your neighbors and friends.

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