Through a series of compact structured discussions, you will receive an orientation of what the roles, responsibilities, authority and limitations of each unit of local government. You will also receive a comprehensive overview of opportunities for service that exist in the local not for profit organization world. This is not a sit down and be lectured to environment. Rather, you will be part of an interactive discussion with experts in their respective fields. These are individuals who have a track record of experience as elected or appointed official serving in the various roles to which you aspire. There is no better way to learn than to hear it from those who have served before you. You will benefit from their experiences, learn from their successes and failures, and get a complete picture of what is possible and frankly what is nothing more than “chasing windmills.” You will be exposed to an environment where confrontation is passe and collaboration through common sense approaches to local problem solving is the foundation for getting things done.

Our most sincere hope is that when you participate in our series of educational seminars you will leave better equipped to make a choice to become involved at some level in service to your community. We don’t necessarily argue that you must be an elected official. We don’t necessarily argue that you must volunteer as a member of a board of directors of a private not for profit organization in the community. Instead, we strongly urge you to be an informed citizen and do something positive in your community along with others to improve the quality of life for all.

Our seminars are offered free of charge with no expectation that anyone will ever pay a tuition or fee to participate. In that way, we are confident that our nonpartisan approach is free of the unwanted special interests of organized political parties. We believe we are blessed to be able to live in this great country. Our role is to work to make it even better for our children and their children. We are fortunate that by law and design, Wisconsin local governments are nonpartisan. We want to preserve that unique distinction. We are after all, pursuing the common good for all.

You may ask what is our motive for providing these educational opportunities at no charge in our community? The motivation is remarkably simple. Our team has had the privilege of having served as appointed and elected officials as well as members of not-for-profit organizational boards of directors and in other roles of service through the years. We have firsthand experience and can attest to the fact that our system works if we stay true to our role and purpose. Service to the community is genuine and most effective when NOT viewed through partisan lenses, colored by the wishes of some political boss. We simply wish to ensure a governance structure that is by the people, and for the people in the pursuit of the common good.