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Have you been looking for a place to live? 

You know it’s not easy, because there’s a housing crisis here in Rock County.

Whether its affordable housing, low-income housing, market rate housing and even homelessness, local and state leaders maintain it’s a complex and complicated problem with no easy solutions.

The Rock County Civics Academy held a forum Tuesday, April 23 at 6 p.m. at UW Whitewater at Rock County, 2909 Kellogg Ave, Janesville, Allen Hall Commons for a public forum, called Affordable Housing: a Crisis in search of a Solution.

Guests include:

Megan McBride, grants administrator for the city of Beloit, a leader who has brought solutions to that city that have worked.

The director of the UW Law School Economic Justice Institute and legal expert on landlord tenant relations.

Gale Price, VP of business banking at Blackhawk Bank and former economic development director for the city of Janesville.

The program will engage the panel of people who have brought solutions to the table and get beyond just talk and excuses.

The forum was pen to the public and panelists will take questions from the audience. The program also streamed live on the Rock County Civics Academy Facebook page.

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